Welcome Back Open House!

Tuesday, September 5th 5:30-8:30pm

New students and current students welcome.  Come in for FREE classes, meet our staff, register for fall, purchase class attire and more.

  Free class schedule- New and current students welcome. ┬áBring a friend and come take a class! Studio A- 5:30-6:00 Breakdance/Hip Hop (All ages); 6:00-6:30 Acro (Age 7-18); 6:30-7:15 Beginning Jazz (Age 7-11); 7:15-8:00 Int/Adv Jazz (Age 12-18) Studio B- 6:00-6:30 Twinkle Toes (Age 3-4); 6:30-7:00 Happy Feet (Age 5-6); 7:00-7:30 Adult Ballet; 7:30-8:00 Adult Tap