Program Descriptions

Children’s Division -- Ages 3-6

This program teaches creative movement and basic motor skills to children ages 3 to 6.  Props such as rhythm sticks, scarves, and beanbags are used to help engage the dancer in a fun and exciting class.  Stretching and basic ballet positions are also taught to ensure a proper start to their dance training.  All dancers will participate in the end of the year Spring Production.  Additional fees- Dancers will need to purchase a costume for the Spring Production- $75

Performing Arts Division -- Ages 7 and up

This program is designed to produce the well rounded dancer and focuses on classes in Ballet, Jazz, and Tap. Classes in Lyrical and Jumps & Turns are also offered.  All Performing Arts classes may be taken on an individual basis for those who do not wish to enroll in the full program. All dancers will participate in the end of the year Spring Production. Additional fees- Dancers will pay a $25 costume rental fee for each dance they are in for the Spring Production. Performing Arts Company- Dancers who study all three disciplines (ballet, jazz & tap) are eligible to audition for the Dance Dimensions’ Performing Arts Company.  The Performing Arts Company will have the opportunity to represent Dance Dimensions in community performances, dance competitions/conventions, parades and more.  Additional fees- There is a $25/month fee to be in the Performing Arts Company.  This includes a leaps & turns class and a 1-2 hour rehearsal on Saturday afternoon.  Dancers will be required to purchase a costume ($75) and pay competition entry fees ($15-$30/each).  We will attend 3 regional competitions.  

Youth Ballet Division -- Ages 8 and up

This program teaches the art of classical ballet to students who are interested in reaching a higher level of ballet training.  It consists of a rigorous schedule in which dancers meet multiple times per week and follows a ballet syllabus based upon the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) method.  Dancers are expected to follow strict guidelines on dress code, attendance, and classroom etiquette. Entrance into this program is by invitation or audition only.  Dancers will perform twice a year at the end of each semester.  In the Winter Ballet performance, dancers will learn about, and perform excerpts from a classical ballet.  The Spring Production will be performed by the entire dance school.  Additional fees- Dancers will be required to pay a $25 rental fee per costume for each of the two performances. Youth Ballet Company- Dancers in Ballet 4/5 are eligible to audition for the Youth Ballet Company. These select dancers will have the opportunity to work with guest teachers and choreographers, and will audition for soloist roles in our Winter Ballet performance.  Dancers will be required to take modern dance and a two hour repertoire class on Saturdays. The Youth Ballet Company may be asked to represent Dance Dimensions at community performances. Additional fees- There is a $25/month fee to be in the Youth Ballet Company.  This fee includes the modern and repertoire classes.  

Adult Division -- Ages 18 and up

This program welcomes teens and adults of all levels.  Classes are offered in ballet, tap and musical theatre.